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Why Use Service From ASAP Locksmith For Your Rental Property?

Rental Properties

Property managers and landlords have very unique needs. Properties need to meet government standards for rental housing, while staying within a budget that leaves your units profitable. In Austin, Round Rock and surrounding areas of Texas, you absolutely must follow these guidelines to avoid steep fines and possibly tenant lawsuits resulting from negligence.

Texas Property Code Introduction

This is a brief summary of what is required in Texas Property Code, Subchapter D, Sections 92.151 – 92.170, which guarantees basic security for renters. In the interest of security, they have created requirements on key changes, smoke alarms and maintaining locks on windows and doors.

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If the landlord fails to install a required security device or fails to rekey a lock, you are entitled to certain rights.

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Take A Look At Some Of Our Services That We Offer

Read below to take a look at some of the services we offer for clients and landlords as well! We offer a variety of specialties services to ensure that we keep your life running as smoothly as possible.

Passenger Knobs

Passage Knobs

Do your renters constantly lock themselves out? Replace locking knobs with passage knobs to greatly reduce lockouts.



If you want a key left at the property, we have lockboxes available for purchase.

Mail Box Lock Change

Mailbox Lock Change

Community mailbox locks have become the norm for modern homes. Mailbox locks need to be replaced after each move out. The mailbox locks we use are US Postal Service standard issue.

Custom Keys

Keys Can Be Cut And Mailed To You!

For your convenience, we keep a record of keys that are made for your property. If your office needs more copies of any key, just ask and we will mail copies to you that very day. We can also create a key, mail it to you first, then rekey the property to match it.

Changing Locks

Changing The Locks After A Break-In

Tenants can request you rekey the locks after an attempted or actual break-in. If the tenant notifies the landlord of the actual or attempted break-in at the time of the request and the tenant has made any required advance payment, the landlord must comply with the request within 3 days.

We Take Photos Of Your Property For Records

We Take Photos For Records

Stop wasting your time driving out to properties! Just tell us what you need pics of and we will take up to 10 photos for your records. Photos will be smart phone quality, nothing professional.

Locks On Windows

Window Locks

Windows need to have working locks on them. Most window locks are cheap, and many break over the course of a few decades of service. Checking them is time consuming, but we're happy to do it on request.

Peep Hole Installation

Peep Hole Installation

A peephole or door viewer is required on every windowless door in a rental home. Yes, that even means the door going into the garage, as odd as it seems.

Smoke Alarm Check

Smoke Alarm Check

Smoke alarms are now required in each bedroom of your rental property. They are still required in hallways outside of bedrooms.

New Locks

Keyless Deadbolts

It is a requirement that renters have a way to keep you, the landlord, out of their house when they are at home. The keyless deadbolt can only be operated from the inside, and is a requirement on outer doors in a rental unit.


Doorknob Locks & Keyed Deadbolts

Every door must have a way to lock it from the outside. This can be either a keyed knob or a keyed deadbolt. We highly recommend a keyed deadbolt on every door for added strength.


Rekey Of Outer Door Locks

Requirement to change or rekey all exterior door locks within 7 days of a new tenant moving in. We take each lock apart and change the inner pins to match only the new key. Old tenants will lose all access to the property.