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$99.95 Home Rekey Special

This covers up to 6 locks rekeyed to a new key. Offer includes 4 new key copies.
Now 33% off standard value of $120 for a limited time only.

Each additional lock after the sixth is $10 per lock.

Sliding Glass Door Security Upgrades

Sliding Glass Door Security Upgrades

Charlie bars and pin locks jam the doors so they can't be opened from the outside.

Mailbox Lock Change

Mail Box Lock Change

Community mailbox locks have become the norm for modern homes. The mailbox locks we use are US Postal Service standard issue.

Keyed Entry Home Locks

Keyed Entry Home Locks

Technology that sets up to your personal combination. Never get locked out again!

Get a new key pad lock installed today!

Biometric Technology

The latest in biometrics. Multiple fingerprint ids can be stored and accessed by your family. You won't ever get locked out again.

Forced Entry Prevention

Forced Entry Prevention

Breaking a door down is one of the most common methods of entry for criminals. Stronger hardware can resist burglars.

Window Security

Window Security

Our window locks are industry standard and durable.

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Mailbox Lock Change »

In the old days, people who lived in houses had mailboxes that were either curbside, attached near the front door or literally slots on the front door that mail could slide through. Mailcarriers, or mailmen as they were called before political correctness, would hike on foot for miles everyday, just to make absolutely sure every piece of mail was delivered as soon as possible.

Times have changed in favor of cheap efficiency and mass delivery for new-age postal workers. Enter your new…

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