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Locksmith Prices Nationally Nov 05, 2015 »

Locksmith prices vary widely nationwide according to state, city and region. In rural areas, the local locksmith will generally charge a higher service fee to compensate for higher milage trips to their appointments. The majority of urban or suburban locksmiths will make their money by charging more for the services provided, but less on the actual fee for coming out. Of course every company goes by their own playbook.

Expensive areas like Austin have higher charges in most industries…

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8 Great Reasons to Rekey Your Home Today Oct 20, 2015 »

Locksmiths can change the keys to almost every lock on the market today. We do what is called "rekeying the lock" so a brand new key can work your locks. Past keys are useless. In most cases, we can even rekey your home so EVERY single lock works on the same key!

The most important part of changing a home lock key is the fact the old keys will no longer work with those locks. All past occupants are now locked out(as it should be). We can change the keys on doorknobs, deadbolts and most storm…

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Oct 13, 2015 »

Summary of the Austin Police Department's Crime Report for August 2015

This is a new monthly feature of the Asap Locksmith blog. It will help our readers when it comes to understanding crime around the city of Austin.

This article will focus primarily on property burglaries and robberies reported to the APD—a topic highly relevant to the locksmith industry. Crime data provided pertains to burglaries committed in homes, businesses and public spaces. The Chief's Report does not

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Challenge: Decode a High-Security Halliburton Briefcase Sep 15, 2015 »

Today I went up to Georgetown, TX to change the locks on the home of a retiree who had just split with her boyfriend. Straight-forward job, nothing special. At the end, she asks me to "open a combination lock I have". I agreed to look at it, and then watched as she pulls an expensive, and very old, Haliburton brand briefcase out of her hall closet. Some combination lock!

Her plan was to give it to her son as his birthday present—if it could be decoded. I told her I would do it mainly for…

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