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We bring Rental Properties to Meet Texas Property Code

Rental Properties

Texas Property Code

You must have these items present within one week of tenant move in date in order to be within legal guidelines.

1. Home must have the keys changed.

This means the old key must not work anymore. Old tenants cannot have access to the home through any entry door. We can rekey or replace the old locks so they do not work with the old key.

2. Keyless deadbolts must be present on every "entry door"

This means a lock without a keyway, sometimes called privacy locks or one-sided deadbolts. This lock can only be opened from the inside. This regulation was put in place after a tenant was assaulted by her landlord, and protects the tenant from anyone who may have a key including maintenance workers, staff and landlords.

The term "entry door" is defined as any door from a non-living to a living space. A garage is a non-living space, and the door from the garage is the entry door into a living space. Therefore you will need a keyless deadbolt on the garage door to meet the code.

3. Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are required in every bedroom and in the hallway or room outside the bedroom. It is not a requirement in the kitchen. This is a major item many rentals miss, and can result in a serious legal issue if a fire happens.

4. Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Austin and Elgin only)

Both the City of Austin and Elgin require CO detection units in the hallway outside the bedrooms IF; gas appliances are in the home, or there is an attached garage. If neither are present, there is no risk of carbon monoxide being produced, and you don't need these.

5. Peephole or Window on every Entry Door

Tenants must have a way to see out of every entry door. Remember, the definition of an entry door means the garage door will require a peephole unless there is already a window present.

6. Sliding Patio Doors need Charlie Bars or Pin Locks

Charlie bars are fold down bars that keep sliding doors closed from the inside. Pin locks go into a hole drilled at the bottom corner of the patio door and go through the door into the frame, keeping it securely shut.

7. Windows must have locks

Windows must be secured by working locks. Sometimes the frames become warped in older homes and the lock will no longer catch. A sash lock must be added in order to meet the code, and secure the window.

Of course we offer a budget friendly price to make sure your new home meets legal standards, while installing quality hardware that we can supply.

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What happens if I don't meet the legal requirements in my rental property?

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Services That We Offer

Passenger Knobs

Passage Knobs

Do your renters constantly lock themselves out? Replace locking knobs with passage knobs to greatly reduce lockouts.



If you want a key left at the property, we have lockboxes available for purchase.

Mail Box Lock Change

Mailbox Lock Change

Community mailbox locks have become the norm for modern homes. Mailbox locks need to be replaced after each move out. The mailbox locks we use are US Postal Service standard issue.

Locks On Windows

Window Locks

Windows need to have working locks on them. Most window locks are cheap, and many break over the course of a few decades of service. Checking them is time consuming, but we're happy to do it on request.

Peep Hole Installation

Peep Hole Installation

A peephole or door viewer is required on every windowless door in a rental home. Yes, that even means the door going into the garage, as odd as it seems.

Smoke Alarm Check

Smoke Alarm Check

Smoke alarms are now required in each bedroom of your rental property. They are still required in hallways outside of bedrooms.

New Locks

Keyless Deadbolts

It is a requirement that renters have a way to keep you, the landlord, out of their house when they are at home. The keyless deadbolt can only be operated from the inside, and is a requirement on outer doors in a rental unit.


Doorknob Locks & Keyed Deadbolts

Every door must have a way to lock it from the outside. This can be either a keyed knob or a keyed deadbolt. We highly recommend a keyed deadbolt on every door for added strength.


Rekey Of Outer Door Locks

Requirement to change or rekey all exterior door locks within 7 days of a new tenant moving in. We take each lock apart and change the inner pins to match only the new key. Old tenants will lose all access to the property.