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8 Great Reasons to Have a Locksmith Rekey Your Home
You will get 4 new keys from the locksmith.

8 Great Reasons to Rekey Your Home Today

Locksmiths can change the keys to almost every lock on the market today. We do what is called "rekeying the lock" so a brand new key can work your locks. Past keys are useless. In most cases, we can even rekey your home so EVERY single lock works on the same key!

The most important part of changing a home lock key is the fact the old keys will no longer work with those locks. All past occupants are now locked out(as it should be). We can change the keys on doorknobs, deadbolts and most storm doors as well. The vast majority of homes use Kwikset brand, followed by the second largest residential lock brand Schlage. Both are high quality and we're very experienced with those brands, as well as less common types.

Here's a quick list of why you might need to change the keys on the door locks in your home.

  1. You recently bought a beautiful new home, and of course don't want the old owners to have access to your place. Sure you have a long to-do list, but changing keys should still be a top priority.
  2. You've moved to a new rental and definitely need the locks changed to a new key to keep you and your stuff safe. Under Texas law, your landlord MUST provide this service at their expense, not yours!
  3. You just went through an ugly break up with your live-in partner. Before your ex comes back to take property they claim belongs to them, you might want to change those keys.
  4. Your kid has lost their key again...
  5. Things in your house mysteriously go missing. A sure sign the home wasn't rekeyed when you moved in. It's most likely a dishonest neighbor that was given a key copy by the former tenant or owner, and knows when you come and go.
  6. You have about 5 different keys on your key ring and want all the locks in your home on a single unified key. One key to rule them all.. or something similar.
  7. You given key copies to a pet-sitter, babysitter, house-cleaner, etc. You've now hired someone else, but the old service person still has your keys.
  8. Your keys were stolen, and the thief knows where you live. If your purse or wallet was stolen along with the keys to your home, then it's a no brainer you need to take precautions. Whatever you've already lost is nothing compared to what you might lose if they come into your home using your own keys.

Asap Locksmith is one of the best locksmith services in the Austin area. Based out of Round Rock, service is provided to Austin, and communities to the North, East and West of Austin.

Certified locksmith, background checked by the Texas Dept. of Public Safety so you know who you are dealing with when you call. Locksmith license: #B19076.

Super cheap locksmith prices!

  • $49.95 Service Call
  • $10.00 per lock rekeyed
  • Deadbolt Installs: $40.00
  • Keyless deadbolt installs: $35.00

Call around to check competing prices, and you'll see we're the most affordable locksmith service in town. Warranty on all service for 1 year!

Same day service in most cases. Call ahead to set your appointment today. 512-897-3119

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